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Home While You Drive is a community website dedicated to the RV lifestyle. In turn for this being a community site, it will grow as the user base grows. As the site grows, more and more features will be added. Current projects for the site are a forum, photo gallery, article authoring system, and much more.

Now, a little about me. My name is Daniel, I usually go by Vick to my friends. Iím 34, and live full time in a 29í 2001 Fleetwood Jamboree. I live with my youngest daughter, wife, my RV kitty named Baby Gizmo, my wifeís mini-rex rabbit named Cadberry, and our daughters 2 gerbils Bella and Edward. And before you ask, no it doesnít stink of animals in the RV. We keep everything very clean for the health of us, our visitors and our animals. I am also going to college for a computer programming degree. I keep most of my classes online each term, so I can still travel. Seems to work out really well.

(From our old site)

Home While You Drive was founded under DV Industries/Communications. We first came up with the idea, when we bought our first RV and decided to start traveling with our youngest daughter, after completing our computer/web programming degrees in our home town. My wife (Christina Vickers) and I (Daniel Vickers), along with our youngest daughter (Jasmine) had came to a decision about what we would like to do to contribute back to the RV community. And HWYD was born. We started putting together ideas of what we would like to see from a site, that would help us, then we went one step further and are working on a way to make it open to everyone to contribute. So it's not just our site. It's yours too. Without your help, this site can't grow to what we all would like to see it become.

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