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Turn Key RV Rentals, INC.

If your wondering what the RV life would be like, and you are going to be around the Eugene, OR area. I highly recommend getting in contact with Turn Key RV Rentals. Get setup to rent an RV for the weekend or the week. They have great rates, awesome customer service, clean rigs and are extremely friendly. Get a taste of the RV life, or get away for a vacation in Oregon. Tell them Home While You Drive sent you.

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Need to find a place to dump the dump. Then check out these 2 sites for your sewage dumping needs. They list places all across the U.S. where you can hook up your black and grey tanks to dump them out. With prices ranging from free on up. With these 2 sites, you will always be in the know of where to go to dump the dump. (I usually donít post 2 sites together like this. But to me, they compliment each other to become a full list. I personally use them both, they are the best, I love them both. IMHO)


Looking for a new 12volt gadget for your RV? Then check out 12volt-travel.com . They have all the 12volt appliances that you might be looking for. Everything from 12volt TVs to 12volt† heaters. See if they have what you are looking for.


Are you in search of that perfect place to camp? You want to travel in your RV, but on a budget. This site will have just what you need. They list places to camp that are free or nearly free. So make sure to check them out.

RV LifeStyle with Class

Add health, wealth, and fun to your RV Lifestyle. Find online mobile work for RVers, do some Forex Trading, access full movies online, exercise in small spaces, enhance your memory, use alternative energy, plus much more. Discover the RV LifeStyle through books and DVDs dedicated to RVing.


Join the traveling adventures of the Sean & Kristy Michael, who got married and are on the longest honeymoon ever. Traveling all around the U.S., sharing their story and having fun while the do it. They have it all, tips, tricks, gadgets and places to go. And best of all they share their passion for traveling and RVing with us. I have to tell you on a personal note. They are in inspiration to the RV community and have been an inspiration to my family and I.


Do you link tinkering with your RV? Do you think your idea could help others. Then head on over to Mod My RVís website and give them a gander. Look for a mod you are interested in, or submit your own.


Who canít pass up freebies. Well now here is a place with freebies for the RVer. Letís go see whatís on the list today.


Follow the RV adventures of Shannon and Brian as they set off on the first leg of their travel adventure.


Travel along with Randy Primm and his cat ĎBirdí as they live the RV life as ĎRoad Banditsí. On a personal note. These 2 have been an inspiration to me as well.

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