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Currently I am in the process of making some videos for the site. All videos that I make will be hosted on YouTube @ http://www.youtube.com/user/HomeWhileYouDrive . If you have a video that you have made and would like it featured here, use the ‘Contact Us’ page to submit your video via email. Please make sure to include the YouTube page address, your name and email address. I will go to the YouTube page and get the code for the video window to add here, to make it easier to view.


Home While You Drive Videos Posted On YouTube.

Home While You Drive—Intro (I know, what a face for an intro lol)







How-To, Help and General Videos

Videos made by me and other users of the site.


Related RVing Videos. Posted with permission.



Randy “Road Bandit” Primm and his cat ‘Bird’

From http://www.roadbandit.com

Playing Rock Paper Scissors









‘Living At Walmart’ by Pat Pepin






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